I have been there.
I have been strapped to the bed in the Quiet Room.
I have been through hundreds of hours of therapy.
I have taken therapeutic drugs for the last fifteen years.
I’ve been in the hospital five times because of my Bipolar Disorder.

Can you tell a difference between myself and any other successful professional?  

Absolutely not, and I’ll explain why: I know the secrets to beating the disease.
I know how to push through all the pain.
I know what patients need most when they are really hurting.
I know that when someone is sitting in the hospital, looking for some answers, they need to speak with someone like me – so I developed The Bipolar Disorder Manual.
It contains all the information that a patient needs. The manual explains how to successfully complete a hospital stay, how to get back into the school/work routine, how to use a support system, how to get enough sleep, how to take medication and go to therapy, and most of all, it teaches patients how to stay alive!!!

-Shay Villere

Books by Shay Villere Author Bipolar Disorder Manual The Angel Interviews