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Having Fun

I know it sounds kind of silly. The idea of actually putting effort into having fun does sound silly, but you have to do it. You have to deliberately inject enjoyable activities into your normal routine in order to keep that big bogeyman called depression out of your life. Get used to it because this is going to be necessary for the rest of your physical life. Don’t let a single day go by without some fun. Whether it be watching one of your favorite movies, calling a friend, or taking a three week trip to Australia to scuba dive, DO IT! This is actually one of the most important lessons in this entire manual, so clue in while you can.


Remember that relapses aren't a big deal. They happen. You can do your best, take all your meds, go to therapy, but you may still have to be hospitalized. So don't beat yourself up if that happens. There's no point in putting any extra worry into the situation. If you have to go you have to go. The important thing to remember is that it is better to be in the hospital if you need it than out of the hospital causing extra damage to your life. Also, an experienced bipolar patient can bring in the reins on himself/herself pretty quickly. So if you need to get some help, it will usually only result in three or four days of attention.


Feelings kind of rule your world when you're bipolar. When your feelings are positive, life is a bowl of cherries, but when you feel tired, stressed out, or anxious man, life sure does get hard! So, make sure that to avoid undue problems — get your sleep. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it can mean the difference between life and death. The suicidal thoughts pop up with much more frequency and with higher intensity when sleep is escaping you. So if you're tired during the day, take a nap. If you have things to do early in the morning, go to bed when you should. Go through life as happy as possible. Get enough sleep!
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Shay gets right down to the most important and relevant meat of the ""the bipolar monster". There is no beating around the bush. Zero to 60. Less is more. He removes all the fat, cooks it for you, and practically cuts it up in bite size pieces. You walk away satisfied that you know what you are dealing with.

Dr. Jay Carter
Best selling author (McGraw-Hill, Penguin)

Shay has been kind enough to accept my invitations to come and speak to my classes. Shay has spoken about Bipolar experiences about which he has published an excellent book. In all cases, when Shay talks to my students there is a lot of interest in his speech and he sparks a great deal of discussion followed by questions and expressed appreciation for his contribution.

Hossein Moftakhjar, Ed.D.
Professor of Psychology and Communication
Sacramento City College
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